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Rest & Exhale: A restorative yoga workshop

When Sunday 10th June, 1.00pm – 3.00pm
Cost £15 Early Bird Rate (book before 1st June), £20 thereafter
Tutor Wendy Millyard
Info We are so much more exhausted than we realise.

Restorative yoga provides a gradual inward journey to a relaxed, centred and grounded state of being.

Restorative yoga incorporates the use of bolsters, blankets, blocks and belts to fully support the body in resting poses held for extended periods of time.

The practice creates the possibility for the body to relax from “doing” and for the mind to relax from “thinking”.

This slow, quiet workshop gives time for the nervous system to balance, the mind to settle into evenness, the breath to deepen and for there to be an experience of inner spaciousness.

Take time to heal and restore with this 2 hour workshop.
Your body will thank you.

**Class size will be limited to 12 people**


Award Winning Transformational Breath® Workshop

When Sunday 24 June, 2:30pm – 5:00pm
Cost £45
Tutor Melike Hussein and Allison Lindsay
Info We welcome both beginners and experienced breathers to join us for an afternoon of healing, relaxation, discovery and self-care. Our sessions are suitable for everybody
regardless of age, physical fitness or mobility.Transformational Breath® is a pattern of deep conscious breathing, that is natural, safe and healthy. Transformational Breath® is a self-healing technique that helps people to access the full potential of their breathing system for better physical, emotional and mental well-being.This workshop will introduce you to the benefits of Transformational Breath®.

We will gently support you to explore the self-healing capacity of your own breath, taking you on a journey deep inside, to a place of deep relaxation and calmness.
The workshop will feature both sound and movement as well as the use of gentle acupressure techniques by our trained facilitators, as we learn how to connect our breath with our conscious and sub-conscious mind in a comfortable, safe environment.

This is your opportunity to close your eyes, relax and be gently guided through an afternoon of learning and sensory experience.

In this 2.5 hour-long workshop, you will learn and practice a pattern of conscious breathing accessing a full diaphragmatic breath, which can help you:

    • Feel completely energised

• Let go of emotional baggage
• Release anxiety
• Become aware of emotions halting your personal growth
• Generate feelings of calm, feel lighter and more focused
• Experience deeply nourishing relaxation
• Improve digestion and boost circulation
• Gain clarity, inspiration and connection with your intuition

We pride ourselves in providing personal care and rich learning experiences ensuring that you experience one-to- one support from our team of Transformational Breath® facilitators.

Join us for an afternoon of learning and experience. Your body and mind will feel lighter, freer and much more relaxed after just one session.


Allison and Melike, supported by their team of Transformational Breath® facilitators, will takegreat care of you, ensuring you receive one-on- one attention, as we create a nurturing and calming environment for you to fully relax.

We bring experience and expertise from many areas to our workshops, including coaching, psychology, sound healing and grief recovery.

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CPD Therapeutic Yoga. Teacher training workshops.

When SUNDAY’S: TBC July, 1pm – 5pm
£80 per single workshop
Tutor Alexa Kho-Hinkson, Yoga Instructor & Therapeutics
Therapeutic Yoga for Special Needs and the Application of Chair Yoga
This workshop will give you the tools and techniques to teach Chair Yoga to your Therapeutic students and clients
whether suffering from past or present injury, special needs, or limitations due to age or health issues. By learning and understanding more about specific conditions, injuries or needs, you will build confidence to teach and sequence effective classes, that will empower your students when practicing Chair Yoga as part of their regular exercise regime.SUNDAY 22ND APRIL 2018
Working with Auto Immune Conditions and Chronic Stress & Anxiety in Yoga Therapy
Yoga Therapy is an excellent way of managing conditions such as chronic stress and anxiety, which have become some of themost common health concerns in the modern world. We can also often learn that a number of auto-immune conditions can be triggered by chronic stress, and thus affect an individuals over-all effective functioning of the immune system. This workshop will give you the tools and techniques to teach a supportive Therapeutic Yoga class with the most effective ways to manage stress and anxiety, and encourage better well-being of your students so that they feel stronger, and more positive about their over-all health.SUNDAY 20TH MAY 2018
Managing Pain Effectively when Teaching Therapeutic Yoga
Managing a clients pain can often be challenging when teaching Yoga, and knowing the best techniques to apply is difficult without knowledge of what the specific issue may be. This workshop will cover anatomical knowledge of different types of pain that Therapeutic Yoga can help with; from back, hip, knee, shoulder and neck, and how to offer supportive and effective techniques, including hands-on assists, that will free your clients from further discomfort and pain.
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To Move with Voice project

When Sundays: September 9th, October 7th, November 4th, December 2nd 3.15 pm – 5.15pm
Cost £25
Tutor Hosted by: Michaela, BA, is a Voice / Singing / Yoga Coach who works with breath, movement & sensation of sound.
Info Would you like to explore your unique voice through yoga?

To Move with Voice project, formed in 2015, aims to discover our vocal potential through movement and stillness. Each session gives us an opportunity to integrate specific yoga positions with contemporary vocal techniques. Our project collaborates with Yogabase, The Actors Centre and Stella Mann College of Performing Arts.

What to expect?

Each session will start with relaxation – to rest your mind, breath and body; follow up with muscles, breath and voice warm-ups. Main part of every session is a sequence of specially designed postures that are accompanied by unique guidelines that support your breathing, sounding and voice exploration.

There is no previous experience necessary. We all have an access for adopting this approach.

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