Beginner’s Ashtanga Yoga - Yogabase

Strength, Flexibility and Balance merge in the ancient practice of Ashtanga yoga
Work your muscles in depth, grow your awareness and transform your body and mind practicing Ashtanga yoga

What to expect? A class to restore the natural wellbeing of the body and settle the mind following the sequence of the First Series.

Who is this for? This course is specially designed for people starting their Ashtanga yoga practice, practitioners of other types of yoga wanting to try Ashtanga or people complete new to yoga.

The instructor: Originally from Madrid, Carmen has practiced yoga for 6 years in 4 different countries. She has trained with some of the most relevant figures in the Ashtanga world in the West: Tim Miller – Director of the Ashtanga Yoga Center in Encinitas (California), with more than 35 years of practice-, David Swenson and Shelley Washington, famous, committed and inspiring ashtangis. She has attended workshops with other reputed teachers such as Kino MacGregor and John Scott. She keeps a daily early morning practice with Adam Keen, under whose tutelage she is learning Second Series

Prices: £12 drop-in – £10 per class for the whole course (to be paid upfront)

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