Gentle Yoga Therapy - Yogabase

Please note these classes are not running until further notice.


Yoga therapy in its present form was pioneered in India in the early 1920s and created by the marriage of traditional yoga with modern medicine.

Yoga comprises a wide range of body/mind practices which range from postural (āsanas) and breathing (prānāyāma) exercises to deep relaxation, emotion culturing and meditation. Yoga therapy tailors these to the health needs of the individual and is more effective than general yoga as a safe means of assisting the treatment of medical conditions. Yoga therapy, however, seeks to complement rather than replace modern medicine.

Marlies teaches Gentle Yoga Therapy for people with arthritis, diabetes and other debilitating conditions, back pain, hypertension, heart conditions, anxiety, depression and stress, and generally for people who want to practise a less strenuous and less intense style of yoga.

Gentle yoga postures, breathing practices and relaxation techniques are tailored to meet the needs of each person without exacerbating their condition.

The Yogabase is well equipped with mats, chairs, cushions, blankets, blocks and belts to aid in adjusting yoga postures and make everyone feel comfortable.

Please contact Marlies if you would like to discuss your needs with her before attending a class.

Class info:

  • These classes are not running currently but we hope Marlies will be back Fridays soon (please check class dates on
  • 2.30­ – 4pm, 90 mins
  • £14 drop in per class; £12 monthly (by calendar month) per class, no refund for missed classes, Concession £10 per class, no pre­booking necessary.