Voice & Yoga - Yogabase

Would you like to explore your unique voice through movement?

This method integrates specific yoga positions with contemporary vocal techniques that focus on exploring inner resonance and developing the power and full expression of the human voice.

We will build up a new connection to our breath, voice, sounds, posture, body, mind and listening. It helps us to learn to sing and communicate with a good technique without focusing on it. We uncover easily learned tools and exercises that encourage the flow of energy to open our breath and untangle knots in our body, mind and voice.

What to expect?

Each session will start with relaxation – to rest your mind, breath and body; follow up with muscles, breath and voice warm-ups. Main part of every session is a sequence of specially designed postures that are accompanied by unique guidelines that support your breathing, sounding and voice exploration. By the end of each session you will have a specific outcome in the form of a personalised practice.

There is no previous experience necessary. We all have an access for adopting this approach!

Website: www.ToMoveWithVoice.wix.com/London

Email: ToMoveWithVoice@gmail.com

Autumn dates

6 September
25 October
1 November
20 December