Frequently Asked Questions - yogabase

Do I need my own mat?

No, Yogabase is fully equipped studio which includes mats. You are welcome to bring your own if you wish.

Is there a membership fee?

No, teachers at Yogabase work independently. There is no membership fee and payment is made directly to the teacher.

Can I pay by card?

No, cash or cheque only please.

Do I need to book?

No, most classes are drop in at Yogabase. Having said that some teachers prefer to know who is coming and a few classes are booked. All the specifics are on the timetable, please check there.

Can I buy a class card?

No, individual teachers offer discounts and cards but our studio does not offer a card for classes.

Why can’t I phone one number about classes at Yogabase?

Yogabase teachers work independently and if you have a question about a particular class the teacher is the best person to contact. Teachers are very happy to be contacted directly. You can email Yogabase at with general enquiries and we will do our best to reply promptly. You can follow also Yogabase on Twitter, Facebook and/or our emailed newsletter.

If you have another question you think should be answered on this page please email and let us know.