Work for us - yogabase

Or rather work with us… Yogabase works with teachers independently. We have a beautiful fully-equipped yoga studio with under-floor heating and space on our timetable.

So if you are looking for a space for an existing class or looking to start a new class then please contact us at We aren’t exclusively a yoga or Pilates studio or an Iyengar yoga space (though we are heavy on that front). We are happy to consider all new classes as long as there are no outdoor shoes used!

We are also available to hire for one-to-one sessions, we hire out in block bookings at a discounted rate.

Joining our team you’ll benefit from the use of our space but also feed into our existing clients. Our website gets excellent traffic (over 1500 a month), we have Facebook users (over 250), Twitter followers (over 400) and over 500 e-newsletter subscribers.

If any of that sounds interesting email us ( We’d love to have you join our team.