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Dynamic Pilates

Tuesdays  6.30 – 8.00pm   Alex Mavrocordatos

alex@orthopilates.com / 07717 463665
 / www.orthoPilates.com
Release, Realign, Rebuild
If you’ve been doing Pilates and are  looking for a deeper understanding of your body, its limitations and its potential to become stronger and more flexible, then these (Intermediate level) Dynamic Pilates classes may be for you.

Join us for a journey of discovery and exploration, with personalised coaching and guidance, as you realign your posture and reinforce your work with an hour of flowing Pilates at Intermediate level  complemented by a further half hour of Release and stretching  relaxation.

The class is kept small and enjoys a relaxed atmosphere of exploration rooted in, but not bound by, Joseph Pilates classical form and principles.

As skills and understanding of Pilates advance, we retain focus on the functional application of Pilates to the demands and constraints of modern life – from peering at a mobile or desktop screen to sports, to leisure walking and to making sure you use the gym machinery correctly.

The class is open to anyone with a significant ability and recent experience of Pilates at Improver level or above. Back Pain issues will NOT necessarily prevent you from joining. Alex is a qualified Body Control Pilates trainer,Back4Good practitioner and BackCare Professional and also offers one to one sessions on Back Pain management.

orthoPilates Improvers classes offer a graded progression to these Dynamic Pilates classes.

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Pilates Improvers

Thursdays 8 – 9pm
Alex Mavrocordatos
alex@orthopilates.com / 07717 463665
 / www.orthoPilates.com

All orthoPilates’ classes are kept small to ensure personal coaching and attention to your own needs. Work with us to build your core strength from the inside out, targeting your deep postural muscles, challenging back aches and other pains, fostering a new flexibility.

With Pilates you can become stronger, leaner and more toned as you

  • Release old habits, unwanted tensions, injury stiffness
  • Realign your body to move more freely through the world
  • Rebuild  core strength and fitness, Reinforce the progress you have made.
  • These Body Control Pilates classes aim for a graded progression towards the Intermediate level (see Dynamic Pilates above) and are suitable for anyone with a basic knowledge of Pilates. We also offer Introductory courses and one to one tuition for you (at any level). For more depth and detail, do mail or call, or visit us at www.orthoPilates.com

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