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Yoga has been proven to benefit children’s development, improve concentration and contribute to a healthy active lifestyle.

Our classes are currently suspended due to COVID restrictions. We will resume the project as soon as we can.

Email or call to register your interest or for more information on 0790 4445759 /

“In Iyengar yoga we only encourage children from the age of six to take classes. A six-year-old child is usually at school and is used to some sort of discipline and is able to watch and listen when a pose is demonstrated. More importantly, most of them have learnt the difference between their left and right sides. The physiological reason behind the age limit is however more significant. Under the age of six most children’s heads are bigger in proportion to their body, especially their arms, so they should not attempt to do Sirsasana or Sarvangasana because the arms would not be able to support the head, neck and body. Apart from that, some of the bones of the skull have not properly fused. Pressure on the head in Sirsasana could lead to nerve damage if the pose is performed wrongly. Furthermore the big muscles in the body, which help stability, have not developed.” Korinna Pilafidis-Williams.

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