Benefits of yoga for children - yogabase

Our children are growing up in a fast-paced, information driven world, which constantly demands new emotional, physical and mental resilience. Developing mindfulness and relaxation skills are vital to living a happy and healthy life in our society. Doing yoga helps children and adults to develop the physical and mental stability to cope with the stress and strain of modern life.

Yoga is a subject that is fun and exciting for children, and which also helps to develop qualities such as patience, concentration and sensitivity to others.


The research on the positive effects of yoga on children is steadily growing. Studies have found positive correlations between yoga programmes in schools and several factors including behaviour, concentration and reduced stress levels.

Yoga is based on movement, and until the age of 8 is introduced to children through play and storytelling. After this age, children can begin to learn yoga postures (asanas) and sequences, which can lead them to a better understanding of their bodies and their health.