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Yoga in Education

Yoga is based on movement, and until the age of 8 is introduced to children through play and storytelling. After this age, children can begin to learn yoga postures (asanas) and sequences, which can lead them to a better understanding of their bodies and their health.

The packages that we offer schools are based on this premise and begins by introducing yoga to younger children through storytelling, which can be an excellent complement to Literacy, RE and PE curriculum strands. In KS2 children are introduced to the postures (asanas) and begin to learn their names and put them into sequences. By the end of primary school, children should leave with an understanding of the fundamentals of yoga practice, which will stand them in good stead for their futures.


Yoga can be a wonderful activity for children of all abilities and backgrounds. We are able to work effectively with children with SEN and will differentiate what is taught as is necessary for all abilities.  Some excellent research has been done into the benefits of Yoga for children with SEN, ASD, and behavioural and physical disabilities. We believe that yoga can be accessed by anyone regardless of their ability or background.

What we offer:

  • Yoga for children – Our team will come into your school and teach a yoga class to individual classes in a weekly lesson. This could be in a PE session or after school.
  • Storytelling and yoga – Our team will combine storytelling and yoga in a fun and interactive way.
  • Intervention groups – Our team will come in and work with a specific group of children.
  • Yoga for teachers and parents – Our team will come and teach a yoga class for teachers or parents to help them de-stress and relax and improve staff morale.

Yoga in education can also tailor bespoke packages to suit your school’s needs.

Please contact Guy on 07985 184472 or at for more information and course prices.