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Dynamic Flow Yoga

In Dynamic Flow Yoga asana poses flows gracefully into a sequence of postures, coordinating body, breath and movement. The practice begins with energizing breathing practices.

Dynamic Flow Yoga encourages you to build strength and flexibility safely using good structural alignment of the body and to find space and ease in your practice.

Classes at Yogabase are open level.

Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow is a dynamic yoga class in which we move from pose to pose through an alignment based vinyasa (a series of poses linked together to form sequences). This class is an open level, aimed at those who have some yoga practice experience and enjoy being challenged physically but also like a therapeutic feel, alignment and a softness of heart and mind. It will involve a combination of some centring breath work, a full spectrum of poses: forward bends, backbends, core, twists and inversions and end with relaxation.

Hatha Yoga with Chloe Eyers

Focusing on alignment and balance, uniting breath with slow flowing sequences, students will be encouraged to listen to their bodies, recognise their limitations and challenge themselves as they work through a variety of poses, strengthening the body and stilling the mind. Chloe’s style is warm, playful, and inclusive, her classes cater for all levels and ability.

Group classes: £6 – First class introductory offer | £12 drop in thereafter | £60 for 6 class pass (valid for 3 month period) Book online at www.chloejasmineyoga.com

Private tuition: £60 single session | £160 for 3 sessions ‘starter pack’ (valid for 2 month period) | £300 for 6 sessions (valid for 3 month period)

Mindful Flow

Vinyasa yoga + meditation – open level (including beginners): This class is a combination of alignment-based flow (vinyasa) yoga in graceful, creative sequences linked together with the breath, along with some longer held postures and ending with a short meditation. Each class is designed around a theme, with a focus on the breath, to create space in the body and quieten the mind.