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A revolutionary school of Hatha Yoga, founded by Zhander Remete. Students begin by learning basic, yet challenging natural movements. These movements undo restricted patterns of movement, breathing and thinking, which all go hand in hand. Beyond the basics, there are three set sequences, called ‘preludes’. Emphasis is on positioning through feeling, co-ordination of the arms and legs with the breath, and cultivating mental attention. Progressively these become more refined, co-ordinated and spiralling in nature. This leads to further refinement of the mental attention and the release of more deeply held restrictions, preparing one for the practice of yoga-asana. 

Shadow Yoga offers something quite different to anything else out there, whilst being firmly grounded in the authentic teaching of Hatha Yoga. It revives knowledge and practices that have been all but lost in our modern times, when this wisdom is more relevant than ever. And yet, it is well-adapted to the needs and limitations of modern city-dwelling people. It teaches us how to use physical activity, with correct breathing and mental attention, to remove the obstacles within ourselves (physical/mental/emotional), which otherwise prevent us from leading lives of contentment. These are the first steps towards gaining mastery over the body, mind and energy. This practice truly supports us in whatever life goals we are pursuing and in overcoming the hurdles along the way.

For more information, you could have a look at the studio where I have taught for seven years, which is dedicated solely to this style: Islington Yoga.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are glimpses of the firstsecond and third preludes, and a video made during an advanced course with Zhander Remete and Emma Balnaves: Invite the Guest.

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