Yoga for Gay Men - yogabase

Yoga classes for gay men suitable for all levels including beginners. Classes are taught by David Tierney Sports Therapist and member of the Society of Sports Therapists .

The classes teach yoga postures and techniques that aim to develop muscular-skeletal physical strength, good posture and the ability to relax.

These sessions enable gay men to learn and practise yoga in a small informal group in an atmosphere that is friendly, non-competitive and safe. Provided you have no serious injury or illness then the sessions will be suitable and allow you to work and progress at your own level. The sessions are aimed at motivating rather than competing.

Fitness declaration: You will be asked to submit a simple declaration of your general health and inform the tutor of any injuries or illness that may be relevant to your participation in the class.

What should I wear to class?

Wear clothing that does not restrict movement. Shorts and a vest or t-shirt are suitable.

Do I need to bring any equipment?

Equipment is provided at all sessions. Bring your own yoga mat if you prefer but they are provided at the classes

Can I eat before class?

Allow four hours after eating a large meal, or one or two hours after eating a snack before doing yoga. Tea is provided at the end of the session. Do not drink alcohol or take intoxicating substances before a class or you will not be allowed in.

Why yoga specifically for gay men?

Yoga fitness training sessions are taught by gay men for gay men in order to learn and practise yoga in a small informal group in an atmosphere that is friendly, non-competitive and safe. I find people work, learn and enjoy themselves more in a supportive environment with people they identify with. The yoga is serious but there is a light-hearted social aspect to the classes. It is not geared for ‘pick-ups’ but the guys do make friends. A number of students have attended regularly for several years and some continuously since the classes began in 1995.

How do I know what level to attend?

The level of tuition is aimed to enhance the practice at all levels and is suitable for both beginners and those with many years experience. All Basics are covered each week before building on them. Novices get the hang of the postures quickly and progress with regular attendance and practice. More experienced students are able to reinforce basic good practice and progress to more demanding postures and more subtle techniques.